Check out the Werkstatt Section

Part 1 of How the Horn system works is now available.

Part 1 of installing a wiring harness is also available.


How It all Started

It all started with the electrical system because it seemed that it was an area that generated the most questions in many 356 Porsche forums (356 Registry etc.) "How It All Started" was the original concept animation project. As you can see it really didn't enhance what already exsisted.

Our main reference material came from Joe Leoni at 356Electrics. Other sources also include our own project cars, 58 T2 Cab and 56 A Coupe. Our animations are designed to compliment the schematics shown in Joe's manuals.


We highly recommend that you purchase the correct manual for your 356. These books can still be purchased at, there is a lot of excellent information and tips. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the animation, but we are human. If you see an error or something just does not look right, please zip us an email and we will look into it and make any necessary changes.

The Models

All technical information is organized by the model of the car. So if you want to see wiring diagrams, part diagrams or drivers manuals, look under "The Models"'.


The Werkstatt

The Werkstatt is a "collection" of stuff from various sources. Articles from members, special animation requests and photos of some pretty cool "home" shops.


The Vendors

This sections is for typical vendor links and some links to those guys who provide those "specialized" parts or services. Its free.


Occasionally our members will request specific projects, like the shop manual, and we'll try to accommodate the request. Then we get back to our development schedule, so that's why you see a variety of completeness between the different models.

Enjoy our work and let us know how we can improve our animations.