Links to Vendors

The following section are links to vendors that have "been around" the 356 world for awhile. Some of them, I have direct knowledge of, others I do not. I figure that if they have survive this long in the business AND passed the scruity of the 356Talk list, they are a pretty safe bet.


Eurowerks Incorporated

Eurowerks, Inc. is a full service automotive restoration shop founded by Roy Smalley in 1976 specializing in Porsche 356 and pre '74 911 models. Over the past 10 years we have returned over 35 356 Porsche models, including 9 Speedsters, 8 cabriolets, 6 Roadsters to the road, with complete restorations, and a number of partial restorations. On Porsche models, body, paint, engine, suspension, brakes, detail and assembly are performed in house. Transmission work is done by Vic Skirmants and all interiors are fabricated by Howard Cox.

Automotive Restoration
2324 SH 50
Campbell, Texas 75422
Phone: 972.742.6618



Not the biggest 356 parts supplier, but provides great knowledgeable service and lots of new and used parts.

KLASSE356 Parts
4040 Spencer St STE L
Torrance, CA 90503


Car Guy Garage

Very cool stuff! Just about everything to make your garage feel like home for your 356.

Car Guy Garage
4740 N.Cumberland Ave. STE 150
Chicago, IL 60656