What's New - Drivers Manuals! Larger Pictures, Easy to Read  
December 2007





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How to use the Wiring Schematics

Select the circuit of your choice by clicking on the fuse.

The buttons at the bottom of each schematic represents the various knobs and switches within your 356. Each button creates a specific action.

In other schematics there are buttons that you will hold down simulating a brake pedal or a "flash" function. When you hold down these buttons, watch the circuit draw themselves, completing the circuit and creating the action.

Again, have fun, we hope they help and if you think about it, tell us what you think.

Accessory Plug-in Interior Lights Parking Lights
Brake Lights & Turnsignals Ignition Circuit Instrument Panel
Backup Lights Starter Circuit Fog Lights
Head Lights Circuit Wiper Circuit Horn Circuit
    Fuse Block


How to view the Drivers Manual

The Drivers manual is slightly larger in size than the original format. This allows a little greater detail in the photos, plus a little easier viewing.

If there are other editions for the A model, then as we obtain the data we will add them.

Select the "Edition" you would like to view by clicking on the link in the table below.

This will take you to the "Index" that allows you to nagivate where you to start viewing by expanding each main link.

On each page you can view the next or previous page and get back to the table of contents.