"First things first"

There are a lot of things you need to look for when working on the horn circuit. So let's indentify the parts that make up the circuit.

Horn Button

This button is from a T1 A (screw terminal, minus the screw)

Back Side of the Horn Button

Ever wonder what is inside the horn button. It is important because it is part of the grounding circuit.

The base of the horn button inside has a "spring tensioned" lever, that when the horn button is pushed, it closes the circuit and completes the "ground" at the horn button assembly.

Here is how it all works, just push the "activate" button below.


Next we have the "horn hub" which sits in the steering wheel hub.

This group consist of the "hub", 3 rubber grommets, 3 ceramic sleeves, 3 cheese head bolts and washers. Completely assembled it should look like this.


This photo shows the hub" assembly installed inside the steering wheel hub. This assembly is a T1A (Note the screw terminal securing the "+" purple/black wire). The loose brown wire is secured to the back of the horn button.


If you following this advise from a very wise "old-timer", your troubleshooting skills will improve at least 50%.

"Always test the device first, then test the circuitry." - Joe Leoni -356Electric.com