Driver Manuals now on CD!

These are exact copies of the driver's manual you find in the glove box of your 356. The pages/images are just slightly larger to allow for greater detail of the original photos and the print is slightly larger for easy reading.

- Just slip the CD into your computer and up pops the cover page.

- Easy to navigate through the pages. Click the link on the left to view a sample.

- Great for printing a page(s) to take out to shop for performing routine maintainance.

- Keeps that precious orginal print clean and free of grease!

We currently have the following CD manuals available:

356A - 1956 Edition

356B - 1960 Edition

356C - 1963 Edition

The Cost

$40 US dollars each

In the US - Shipping included - Outside the US - cost plus shipping


Full Color Poster - 356A 1956-1959 Wiring Diagram


This poster is not the usual "run of the mill" Black and White "copy of a copy" or the a copy of the one out of the back of the drivers manual or shop manual.

This poster was created by the owner of Y&Z wiring (, one of the premeir wiring harness manufactures around.

This poster was created as a result of all of the variations in the A wiring harness and is based on YnZ's early documentation used to build the harnesses. It is in full color, but what is interesting if you really look at the poster, are the notes scattered around the diagram.

Sample Notes:
The correct color and route of the Kill Switch for the Carrera Fuel Pump and Coils
The correct color for "D-" wire between the Generator and Voltage Regulator for the Convertible D's and 56 Speedsters.
and much more.

A great addition for your shop or library.

The cost is $45.00 plus shipping.

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